Murfreesboro Roofing Frequently Asked Questions

Spinal Correction

This is one of the most common practices we offer. It is also the oldest, and just like Doctor Rawson, we are also going to set you out on a table and work on your spine. For this sort of treatment, a chiropractor will be applying force and pressure to your joints. By moving them past their range of usual motion, they can increase the overall flexibility and alignment of your spine. While there is not much physical exertion we can apply from then to now, our technology has become so advanced since then. We can now detect where the issues are through MRIs and X-rays (which we offer) so our treatment is far more effective.

Instead of simply feeling around and hoping for success. We are not leaving it to chance because we don’t have too! With our techniques and digital advances, the spinal adjustment you’re receiving today is by far so much more complete than traditional adjustments. It was just something that you can’t perfect without modern technology. Due to this, we have installed top of the line equipment so there is no excuse. We aim to ensure your adjustment is incredibly effective every single time.